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Cam Models Wanted – GET PAID DAILY – Be Your Own Boss!

CU Webcams is looking for Attractive Females between 18 and 60 who are looking to Have Fun and Make A Lot of Money. Imagine a job that allows you to Work when you want, where you can make $500-$1500/wk part-time, where you get paid cash daily, and Is Fun, Exciting, Anonymous and Secure! If you are flirty, a bit of an exhibitionist and like to always have money in your purse, then we have the perfect opportunity for you.

Being a Cam Model is NOT PORNOGRAPHY. You are in a locked room, by yourself, chatting with guys online. No one else ever touches you, sees your contact info, knows where you work, etc. 100% Safe and Anonymous!
Let’s face it, this is not a job you do for the fun of it. While it is fun, we do this for the money! And there is plenty of it to be made. Our top models average $40-$50/hr. Even our “Average” models still make $20-$25/hr on a consistent basis.
Your Privacy is a Top Priority at CU Webcams.

Our System allows you to block up to 5 regions. They can be a Country, State or even a City. This helps to insure that no one who knows you will have access to your online profile or shows. Trust us when we tell you we understand the stigma of working on cam and take all the steps necessary to keep your secret safe.
Our Commercial studio is located within 1 mile of the I-74/Cunningham Avenue interchange. We are tucked away in a commercial complex that is very secure and very low-key. We provide our performers 24/7/365 studio access using a unique door code and have 24 hours surveillance to insure your security. Our Studio is very comfortable, has a kitchen and recreation area for you to enjoy your breaks in.

You are Your Own Boss. We require our models to put in at least 20hrs/wk on camera. You can schedule yourself whenever you like to meet these hour requirements (Studio is open 24/7/365)! It’s the most flexible job you’ll ever have!
Our studio has 6 rooms. Currently we have several openings available and you can work as few or as many shifts as you like (as long as you meet the 20hr/wk minimum requirement). When we are at full capacity, rooms are given based on model’s average weekly hours, amount earned, on-time rate and compliance with Studio Code of Conduct policies.
This is not a “career” for anyone, but it is an unbelievable opportunity to work flexible part-time hours and make unbelievable money. Pay your own tuition, buy a house, buy a car…never worry about not having the money for something you want for as long as you work with us.
If you’re interested but not sure if you have what it takes to be a performer, let us give you a FREE EVALUATION of your “Cam-Ability”.

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